Why You Should Get to Know the MC’s Before Your Hire Them

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Why You Should Get to Know the MC’s Before Your Hire Them



A great party needs entertainment. That entertainment is usually directed by a Master of Ceremonies (MC). So whether you are planning a corporate function, Sweet Sixteen, wedding or Bat/Bar Mitzvah, you’ll need an experienced MC who knows how to tame the crowd. Some event planners make the mistake of hiring an entertainment agency based on their rates without checking their skills and talents. But a successful party turnout depends on how well the MC can manage the timing, make announcements and direct the crowd. Without these talents, the party atmosphere may lose its upbeat and energetic vibe.


Before you book MC’s for your special occasion, you should get to know them by meeting them in person, checking their testimonials, viewing their portfolio and watching their MC demo videos (if they have any). All of our MC’s at our agency have a profile up on our website containing their bio along with a demo video showcasing their work. Don’t be afraid to question their skills and training or be open about the entertainment you envision for the event.


To further stress the importance of getting to know an MC before you book him or her, we’ve come up with a few reasons why you should familiarize yourself with their talents first.


It Will Establish Trust between You and the MC

Since party planning can be quite stressful, knowing how the entertainment will be directed at your event will provide you with one less thing to worry about. Meeting the MC will provide you with peace of mind concerning the music and flow of your party. You can put the event’s entertainment in MC’s hands by trusting his or her knowledge and background of the industry.


You Can Find Out if the Value of Their Services is Worthy

MC’s do not just manage and play music. Looking into their services and talents lets you know what you will be getting for their package offering. It also prevents you from booking an amateur MC, who could potentially fail at running the entertainment for your event. Make sure you know what you are getting for your money, and in this case, it should be nothing short of professional, fun and assertive.




You Can Discover What Skills They Offer

Different entertainment agencies may specialize in different services. By getting to know the MC beforehand, you can take note of all the entertainment services they can provide, whether it be running a photo booth, DJ-ing, making announcements, directing music or telling jokes. Some companies even have MC’s who can also work as professional wedding photographers in Philadelphia. Being informed about all of the services they can provide will help you make an informed decision regarding the entertainment strategy of your event.


Don’t just call up an MC company and simply book them without much thought to their talents or expertise. Getting to know the MC’s will ensure that your event’s entertainment will provide amusement and energy throughout the night.


To book an MC for your party at Pulse Entertainment, give us a call today! Explore our website for more details about our skilled team of DJs and MC’s.