When Hiring Novelty Entertainment, Your Get What You Pay For

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When Hiring Novelty Entertainment, Your Get What You Pay For

Great entertainment is a key part of hosting a celebration. It’s what gets the guests in an energetic mood, keeps the atmosphere upbeat, and makes the party memorable. This is true especially at weddings, when the celebration is the moment of a lifetime. However, the flaws of the wedding industry have led entertainment – like photo booth novelty – to be considered as one of the lowest priorities when planning a wedding. With so many other important factors to plan and decide on, such as the dress and the venue, novelty entertainment winds up being least important.


As a result, frauds have been able to take advantage of the showbiz market by offering an entertainment service, such as photo booth novelty, for an exceptionally low price. Many brides and grooms hire the service not realizing that they are being scammed. They don’t find out until last minute that the service they paid for was indeed not what they thought they were getting. We witnessed such a situation recently while providing DJ entertainment at a wedding, and were able to step in to rescue the evening from being ruined.


The wedding started off great with a cheery and happy vibe, when suddenly, during dinner, a gentleman wearing grimy clothing begins setting up what appeared to be a makeshift photo booth. The man was late setting up for the wedding, which is not the professional standard of the showbiz industry. As MC Ross was DJing, he noticed that the man left his partially set-up homemade photo booth for over twenty minutes before coming back to break it down. The remnants of the photo booth were left in a corner as the man went missing for over an hour. Eventually, the man comes back to retrieve the pieces and leaves without saying anything to the bride and groom.


With no photo booth up and running, MC Ross speaks to the bride and groom only to discover that they had hired the service through a discount website, falling for their appealing low price. Nonetheless, MC Ross had one of his extra photo booth operators working at another nearby party come and bring their back-up photo booth. In just forty minutes, the photo booth was set up and working, with MC Ross managing it, along with the DJ booth. For the last hour, guests flooded into the photo booth to enjoy taking fun, spontaneous photos.


MC Ross did not charge the newlyweds for the added service, as he was happy he could make their day special despite the incident. Scams like this one can and do happen, which is why professionalism in the entertainment business is highly important. The rates for high-quality entertainment, such as a wedding DJ in Philadelphia, go towards a variety of factors such as experienced and talented staff, first-grade equipment, transportation, preparation, and setup. With that being said, it is good to keep in mind that it may not be best to undermine quality for a price that appears to be a good deal.


At Pulse Entertainment, we not only conduct services with the utmost professionalism, but also go above and beyond for our clients. Check out the sample video below to see how we provide a high level of wedding entertainment:



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