The Importance of Having an Emcee Manage Entertainment

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The Importance of Having an Emcee Manage Entertainment

Have you ever attended an event that was hosted by a mediocre entertainer? If so, you might have noticed that the atmosphere lost excitement at times or it might have been difficult to pay attention to the person holding the microphone. When a Master of Ceremonies (also known as MC or emcee) is given the task of direction at a party, he or she will use their skills and expertise to keep the atmosphere thriving. MCs are specifically trained to keep the entertainment of an event on schedule, keep the attention of the crowd and provide direction.


What is an Emcee?

When you leave the entertainment of the event up to an MC, it ensures that your party will be exciting and memorable. Why? Because they are highly skilled in managing the entertainment as a host. Their talents in microphone techniques, staging, voice inflection, posture and stance allow them to move the occasion smoothly and make the environment fun. They also know how to grab the attention of the crowd, no matter how large the event may be.




Case Study

A live band was hired to play at a wedding and also host an event. Although the lead singer had an amazing singing voice, he struggled to command the guests and provide announcements. Unfortunately, his soft speaking tone and lack of humor affected his task of introducing the bridal party and running the important moments of the reception. The lead singer’s inability to provide direction caused the reception’s timeframe to become mismanaged and the atmosphere to become dull.


What if the wedding’s entertainment had been hosted by a professional MC? Even though a live band can put on a fantastic performance, they may not know how to host the party properly.


The Advantages of Hiring an MC

Guests arrive at your party expecting to have a great time. With an MC directing the flow of the event, you won’t have anything to worry about!

Here are several reasons why hiring an MC will make your event entertaining and lively:

  1. All speakers, live entertainment and activities will be properly introduced to guests.
  2. Guests will be informed of key details with the MCs ability to grab their attention.
  3. The MCs humor, which may include anecdotes or jokes, keeps the crowd entertained.
  4. The event’s time frame will be fully utilized in an organized manner.
  5. The flow of the event will pan out evenly.
  6. The atmosphere of the party will be directed so that it remains exciting and upbeat.
  7. The event will have complete guidance by an experienced professional.
  8. The MC will know how to host the party accordingly.




Too many times often, event planners ignore the value of an MC and rely on other factors to run the celebration. At Pulse Entertainment, we have a full staff of skilled and trained professional MCs and wedding DJs in Philadelphia. To find out more details about our packages or how to book an MC for your event, contact us!