Safe DJ Entertainment – All Employees Now Cleared for Criminal Activity

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Safe DJ Entertainment – All Employees Now Cleared for Criminal Activity

One of the main life lessons we always teach our children is never to talk to strangers, no matter what. But when they are present at a fun celebration hosted by entertainers, caterers and venue staff, they are surrounded by people they don’t know whether to talk to or trust. Sometimes events can become so hectic that trying to supervise every guest can be nearly impossible. When you subtract all of the amusing and entertaining aspects of the party, suddenly, the atmosphere may not be as safe as you thought.



Background Checks are conducted

Keeping kids protected and safe is at the forefront of our entertainment services at Pulse Entertainment. We are the first entertainment company and Philadelphia wedding photographers to require our employees to obtain clearances. Parents can hire our staff for the entertainment of their event knowing that they are cleared for a variety of state and federal background checks. In fact, each of our staff members is cleared for child abuse history, criminal history and are fingerprinted to create an Identity History Summary.


A Safe Entertainment Experience

Our new employee clearance regulations set us apart from the rest of the entertainment companies because we care about the safety of the clients we serve. After noticing that more and more school districts are requiring clearance restraints for their personnel, we decided to do the same. Over the past few years, significant changes have been made to the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) that update and clarify some of the standards set in place for the clearances. Just this past summer, the law was amended to define the financial aspects surrounding volunteers who have direct contact with children when getting certified.



Following CPSL Regulations

The law states that all volunteers, contractors, foster parents and school employees who come into direct contact with children must be cleared every 36 months. Influenced by this decree, we at Pulse Entertainment decided to apply this regulation to our own staff requirements to ensure the safety of the children at the events we entertain. Every function that we serve with our energetic and upbeat presentations will be performed by qualified individuals who are also professional and talented. We take much pride in operating with people who are fully cleared for criminal activity and delinquencies.


Party Services You can Trust

Whether the party is a wedding, fundraiser, corporate function or a bar/bat mitzvah, you can be sure that your guests are safe around our team as we keep the atmosphere exciting. Make sure the guests and kids are safe at your next event by hiring our exclusive entertainment services, produced by fully certified individuals. If you have any questions about the clearance standards that we enforce for our staff, don’t hesitate to give us a call.