Putting Together a Playlist for Your DJ Entertainment

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Putting Together a Playlist for Your DJ Entertainment

The DJ’s job is to manage the beats during your event so that you don’t have to. But, if you leave him or her without direction, you may wind up hearing some tunes you aren’t too fond of. Hosting a party or a wedding can be overwhelming, and a bit tiring, so when the time finally arrives to celebrate, the DJ is there to run the show for you. But, as all functions are unique to their purpose, the same goes for the music playlist. The songs of your event should match the atmosphere, as well as express your personal taste in music.




You’ve got millions of tracks to choose from and only a couple hours during your event to play the ones you want. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts may like the fact that they can manage their own playlist throughout the party by setting it on repeat, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to get the crowd moving. That’s where your Philadelphia DJ comes in – to keep your track selection going all night long while hosting and encouraging the crowd to have fun. It’s important to provide your party DJ with a list of songs that you prefer to hear throughout the event. This way, the melodies will be on the right track – and so will your party’s atmosphere.


Putting together a playlist certainly requires extensive decision-making. Here are a few tips you can use to determine the right track list for your wedding or Bar Mitzvah.


Watch Out for Songs with Foul Language

Sometimes we love a beat so much, we tend to overlook the lyrics. During your song selection process, be aware of what the lyrics are saying, especially if you know you’ll have some conservative guests at the event. You don’t want to cause grandma to fall out of her seat with the words of “Get Low,” by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz.


Make Sure the List Contains a Wide Variety of Genres

If your function includes guests of all ages, it is good to have a broad mixture of song types, such as classic rock, hip hop, pop and Motown. This gives everyone the opportunity to get down to their favorite beat, and gain insight to other songs they may have never heard before. Of course, it’s your special day, so be sure to stick with the songs you love most, but always remember that a wider range of song genres will make your event enjoyable for everyone.




Provide Songs that Vary in Rhythm

Dancing is definitely good exercise, but every now and again, guests may need to take a break. Incorporate both fast and slow songs into the playlist, this way, the DJ can play a slow song every 5 or 6 songs to provide breaks in between. Throwing a couple good slow songs into your mix will allow guests to share an intimate session of slow dancing and spark up more emotions to coincide with the event’s special occasion.


Don’t Pick Too Many Songs

Often times, people provide too many songs to the DJ.  This is a problem when your party is only 4 hours long and you have provided 6-10 hours worth of requested music.  When putting together a list of songs, it is always best to highlight your 10-15 must play songs and let the DJ choose the rest from your list. This way the DJ can match your request with the flow of the party.


Don’t Forget to Leave Room for the DJ to Pick Songs

The number one reason people hire DJs is because they are the professionals.  We know the music that will get your crowd up and dancing.  We know how to properly run a party.  If you pick all the music to be played at your event, then you leave no room for the expert to read the crowd and find the best songs to keep that crowd up and dancing.  Also, if you pick all the songs, your event may seem a bit off as the DJ may have to jump from genre to genre because of your unique songs.  This can cause the crowd to be feel like they are constantly being switched up on, which tends to lead to less dancing because they don’t feel into the party.


Once your list is set, leave it up to the DJ to entertain the crowd with great music. Relax, have fun, eat well and kick off your shoes for a dance session!