New Year, New Party Scene at Our Office in Orlando, Florida

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New Year, New Party Scene at Our Office in Orlando, Florida

Our entertainment spread down the East Coast and to our new office in Orlando, Florida, flooding the state with an all new party scene never experienced there before. We are proud to say that we have expanded to the #1 vacation destination, where thrills are already vivid and alive.

At our new location, we are offering everything we already offer here in Philadelphia and New York, except brand new. We have photography, photo booths, videos, and the like all prepped for your bar/bat mitzvah, Quinceañera, wedding, or other exciting events. Already, we have thrown a handful of successful parties in the area, servicing these major cities with a brand of entertainment Florida has never seen:

  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Boca Raton
  • Sarasota
  • Tampa Bay
  • Jacksonville

We are also offering our clients the ability to bring in any of our talents to run their parties Philly-style or New York-style. If there’s a certain person you like, enjoy, or are drawn to, we will fly them in for you without holding anyone back. We are a family here at Pulse Entertainment, and we are all connected no matter the distance.

We get to meet new people every day and we can’t wait to meet you. You will help us in shaping our Florida presence and the start of an all new type of entertainment from our location in Orlando. This area has a good feeling, with a lot of happiness surrounding it. That is why our new manager, Kevin Kaiser, initially moved down to Florida in the first place.



Kevin Kaiser

After being a part of the Disney World entertainment scene, Kevin Kaiser later went on to spur the idea of combining the world-class theme park’s standards with our Pulse Experience. This concoction is one no one can expect to find anywhere else!

Kevin Kaiser is a Philadelphia DJ with over 12 years of experience. Having studied Popular Music in college, he has the skillset that allows him to name almost any pop song in just a few seconds. He has perfected the art of fitting the right songs with the right atmosphere to make a party absolutely magical.

Despite being party planners in Philadelphia, PA, we are here to tell you that we are branching out to Florida! Bring us your ideas, bring us your guests, and we will bring you irreplaceable and unforgettable memories. Our all new Florida number is: 407-205-9013. Pass the news along!