Lights, Camera, Action! But more importantly, LIGHTS

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Lights, Camera, Action! But more importantly, LIGHTS

While our photography and videography skills are through the roof and absolutely essential for having any sort of special event or party, we also want to shift the spotlight onto ambiance. Set the mood; create an atmosphere. Can you imagine a party that is flat with drab, yellow lights? Yeah, you don’t want that. On top of that, how do you expect to look good without a sensual purple glow or decadent pinspotting? This is supposed to be a party, and included are the expectations of good lighting.

D a n c e

Dancing in the dark with a stream of night club lights pumping with the beat is also a perfect invitation to beckon more bodies onto the floor. Without the right scene, dancing doesn’t seem to fit. By including a proper light show setup, guests will be encouraged to let the music indulge them. This will, in turn, make your party or special event one to remember. More movement means more fun, more laughter, and more engagement. You want this once-in-a-lifetime night to be remembered for a long time coming. Don’t cut corners; make sure your lighting is on point!

S i t

Pulse Entertainment is proud to offer LED light-up furniture. That’s right; lighting doesn’t always have to be on the dance floor; you can even sit and still be a part of the ambiance. Don’t you want to feel cool while lounging about, nursing a drink, watching your friends break it down? Our LED light-up furniture doesn’t even need to be plugged in; we won’t let our wires show. Trust us; your scene will have a radiant look in any color to match any theme.

A t m o s p h e r e

Maybe this event will be your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah.  Our uplighting can be programmed to give you the color mood that you want.  For instance, if you want to walk into a room and feel a touch of color added to the room, that is easy.  You can also walk into the room and feel bathed in your favorite color.  Our uplighting will set the atmosphere for your event and make people feel like they are not in a regular banquet venue.  Our uplighting can also be set to any color, as well as controlled remotely so as to be changed throughout the night.

Pulse Entertainment is here to light up your night and give your event the spotlight it deserves. It’s time to start considering what kind of atmosphere you want to show off to your guests and partake in yourself. We will help you make the right tone and even change it through the event or party. Trust in us to illuminate your night.

Pulse Entertainment are also wedding DJs in Philadelphia, capable of rocking any bride and groom onto the dance floor. Our DJ services in Philadelphia keep the beat all party long!!