How Great Entertainment and MC’s Add Flair to Your Wedding

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How Great Entertainment and MC’s Add Flair to Your Wedding

It’s wedding season! As we’re putting the finishing touches on our big day, we want to make sure everything goes right. From the catering to the venue to the décor, no aspect should go overlooked. One of the most important components of your wedding reception is the entertainer.

How are you going to keep the party engaged throughout the reception so you can enjoy the celebration? It takes more than just being a DJ to get the crowd on the dance floor and entertained. You have to interact with the crowd, keep them on the dance floor, and command their attention while exceeding everyone’s expectations. It’s a tough task, but with MC’s that provide great entertainment, your guests will be sure to remember your wedding.

You’ll want to see the following traits in your MC.

-Preparation with Backup Equipment and Playlists.

-Coordinate Each Step.


-Able to Read a Crowd.

-Self-Confident and Energetic.

-Interested and Able to Improvise.

-Keep Everything Flowing.

Your MC (Master of Ceremonies) puts on a variety of hats at your wedding. They DJ, they control the sound, they coordinate with your other vendors, they keep you on schedule, they interact and motivate the crowd, they solve problems, and they keep the wedding fun. Of course, they’re going to need some help. While MC’s from Pulse Entertainment pride themselves on personalizing your experience, it takes much more to manage the wedding.

From the announcements to the toasts to the cake and the official dances, you have to seamlessly transition and have a cognizance of time. It’s impossible that all guests will want to remain on the dance floor throughout the reception. We need time to socialize and rest. Our MC’s will have help at your wedding. This includes novelty entertainment options of your choice, as well as other professionals and technological solutions that make your experience special.

Photography. Have your own personal photographer to capture all the night’s best moments. Capture candid shots and planned portraits with the latest cutting-edge picture quality. The photographers catch the best images of the night. With the duties of the MC, they’ll need a photographer by their side.

549926_578873575464796_1035242215_nDancers. If your MC can double as a dancer, that’s an added benefit for your party. Whether classic wedding songs, club songs, or any song on your playlist, you want an entertainer that can control the tempo of the dance floor and keep the crowd entertained with electrifying dance moves. You need to energize the crowd and motivate them from the first song until the last.

Social. With the world going social, your wedding can incorporate a social aspect. Create a custom hashtag for the wedding, and watch every photograph and post with the hashtag be displayed around the venue. We have the SnapCastr, which you can read all about in our blog on Interactive Social Software.

Put your trust in the experienced entertainers that know how to play to the crowd. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere on your special day. Let us show you why we are the best in the business. Our entertainers will meet with you and get to know your style and personality, and most importantly what you’re looking for at your wedding. We’ll make it a one-of-a-kind event. Contact us if you have any questions.