Guide to an Exclusive and Personalized Wedding Entertainment

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Guide to an Exclusive and Personalized Wedding Entertainment

The heart of the wedding reception lies in its entertainment. Our family and friends attend the ceremony, but they’re yearning for the reception to begin so they can start the celebration. We’re all looking for a personalized and unique entertainment package to provide the best experience possible for our guests of all generations.

We want to bring out our personality. We want to make sure that our friends and family remember the day because of the ambiance and mood of the reception. How do you want your party to remember the day?wedding

While the music and DJ you have at your wedding will keep the crowd on their feet, you have to think about other avenues for your Philadelphia wedding entertainment. The right company will offer entertainment packages that allow you to throw an exclusive and personalized celebration. After you’ve created your own unique playlist for the party, and have consulted with your DJ to create a memorable event, put your focus elsewhere.

Light Show: The DJ you select should bring the equipment and lights necessary to create a unique light show. For an extra memorable event, the light show can include monograms with the bride and groom’s name and personalized color combinations and settings if you choose to have a lighting technician there to operate the lights. There are many differences when it comes to lighting.  First, there are lights that just do an out of the box preprogrammed effect and don’t give you any personalization.  Then there are intelligent moving head lights and color wash lights.  These lights can be programmed to choose color, shape, speed, and size of the light and thus giving you amazing personalized effects for lighting.  Don’t forget uplighting as that is the most popular way to create any mood to your wedding day.

Instrumentalists at Cocktail Hour: The cocktail hour is a chance to prepare for the night ahead, and having live instrumentalists will create a relaxing environment where your guests can mingle while the DJ and entertainers get ready.

Digital Video: Record your wedding in high definition. Capture all the memories and encourage your guests to share their experiences with the camera so you can watch the successful event after your honeymoon. You can hold on to this memory for a lifetime.  You can have your video professional put together a photo montage of you to display at the reception or even a “Love Story,” which is an interview of your close family and friends that describe how you met and fell in love.  This can also been shown at the reception as well.

Unique Hashtag: Nothing drives engagement like social media. Chances are, the majority of your guest list is active on at least one social platform. Create a custom hashtag and put it on every placeholder so your guests know that each picture or status they post can be collected in one place with the hashtag. There is interactive social software that incorporates pictures and posts in real-time, displaying them throughout the venue.

Playlist: The most important thing at your wedding is the music. Talk to your DJ and MC to ensure you have the playlist that appeals to your party. From the genre to the artists to the style, many DJ’s can accommodate your wishes and provide a special event.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime occurrence, and we all look forward to the day we say our vows. How are you going to make yours memorable? Stand out from your peers and show your guests a unique and exclusive wedding reception.