Five Planning Tips for Your Event’s Entertainment

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Five Planning Tips for Your Event’s Entertainment

So you’ve got your exclusive event planned out and the entertainment act booked. You are super stoked and cannot wait for your guests to enjoy entertainment they will never forget. You imagine them thanking you for what a great time they had at your awesome party. But, are you prepared for how the entertainment will go down? There are many distractions that can happen during an event, causing the entertainment you booked to be disrupted. Whether it’s a Bucks County music DJ, comedian, live band or game show, the performance can quickly go awry due to unforeseen interferences.


The last thing you want to do is put your investment to waste by not providing the attentive spotlight that your hired act needs. Your goal is to make a memorable time for your guests that they will never forget. Fortunately, there are many tactics you can use to ensure the showbiz of your function is noticed. Being prepared for the entertainer ahead of time will provide a fun experience that your guests will not be able to stop talking about for years to come. Here are five planning tips that will make your entertainment the best it can be. We bet you might not have even put a second thought to these techniques!


  1. Make Sure There is Time for Setup

If you don’t provide a decent time frame for the entertainer to have everything ready, then the time may clash with the event’s schedule. Prior to the guests arriving, allow the entertainment company you hired to set up and conduct a sound check.  Also, make sure that any requirements the entertainment has like tables, electricity, etc. are all met so that there are no issues once they arrive.


  1. Only Have One Person as Point of Contact

On the day before the scheduled performance, and the day of, it is recommended to only have one point of contact with the entertainer. This is so that there is no confusion or mix-up between the performer and the host.


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  1. Tell the Servers to Hold Off On Cleaning Up

One of the biggest disturbances during an act is the sound of clanking dishes being cleared. We suggest instructing your wait staff to clear plates after the important formalities or special events.


  1. Be Aware of Atmosphere Setup

When you are planning your event, make sure there is enough room for the entertainment to take place. Assign designated areas of the room specifically for the entertainment you have booked. This tip works great for novelty entertainment as well. Your entertainment company should be able to work with you in laying out the event area.


  1. Less is Sometimes More

It is important to think about how long you want your entire event to be. In some cases, a long event may cause the night to drag on. Most evening events tend to be 5 hours in duration and most afternoon events tend to be 4 hours in duration.  Sometimes the 5 hours can be too long for people who want to keep partying the entire night.  You don’t want there to be only a handful of guests left before the night is even over. If you know you have a party crowd, go longer for the reception.  If you don’t know what kind of crowd you have, go with the 4 hour event so that you are not stuck there for extra time.  In the business, there is an old saying “4 hours leaves them wanting more and 5 hours helps to show them the door.”


For more tips on how to plan entertainment for your party, feel free to contact us! What is your favorite form of entertainment at an event?