Essential Elements of an Epic School Dance

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Essential Elements of an Epic School Dance

The tradition of the school dance is pretty much as old as education itself, and time-tested traditions tend to come with their own set of customs. 

But who says school dances always have to feature a bunch of young people awkwardly standing against the wall or sitting at tables and looking at their phones in boredom? Who says you can’t pull off a school dance that gets every single attendee excited and involved, fills the dance floor, and leaves everyone with unforgettable memories they’ll talk about for years?

At Pulse Entertainment, we’re about shattering the status quo and throwing parties that break the mold. Follow our tips, and you won’t need a huge budget, gourmet food, or swanky venue to execute an epic event that redefines the entire school dance tradition.

If you’re planning a fall, winter, or holiday formal in the Philadelphia area, here are a few ways to make the night extra special for students and chaperones alike.

Encourage Costumes 

Kids are under enough pressure to wear the right clothes and look a certain way. And while it’s fun to get all dolled up in flashy dresses and sophisticated suits, formalwear is expensive, and not every family has that kind of budget. Changing the dance into a themed costume party is a great way to level the playing field and encourage real creativity. The theme you choose — Superheroes, “Game of Thrones,” Historical Decades (20s, 50s, 80s, etc.), and Mardi Gras, to name just a few ideas — will also make it easier to pick decorations and choose the menu.

If you want to encourage friendly competition, have attendees cast votes for the most creative costume and give awards at the end of the night. 

Bring in a Photo Booth

Kids love to take pictures of their escapades and post them on social media. That’s no secret. Photo booths come equipped with fun props that allow them to capture their memories in a more interactive, social way, instead of staying glued to their cell phones all night. Browse the Pulse website for more information about our photo booth and other novelty entertainment rentals.

Hire Engaging Entertainers

A DJ is a given, but you want more than just someone spinning tunes in the corner of the room. You want engaging entertainers who get everyone involved and make hitting the dance floor completely irresistible.

At Pulse Entertainment, we offer the total package: talented DJs, light shows, interactive MCs, party dancers, and more. Check out this quick video to get a glimpse of what a Pulse party looks like:

For more party planning ideas or to hire the leading school dance entertainers in and around Philadelphia, contact the team at Pulse Entertainment today to discuss your plans and book any of our services.