Entertainment Champions for Villanova’s 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Victory Party

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Entertainment Champions for Villanova’s 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Victory Party

There’s no better feeling than witnessing your local team take one for the win, especially if you live in Philadelphia. With that being said, when such a monumental feat occurs, celebrations are in order. And not just any celebration. World Championship fans and athletes deserve a world class party.

Rewind to April 4, 2016. The Villanova Wildcats are representing Philly in the NCAA Championship game (college basketball.) Their opponent: Collegiate basketball powerhouse, the Tar Heels from the University of North Carolina. A team that is known for their dominance. A team with four titles in the last 35 years. The very place that’s responsible for developing Michael Jordan himself.

With only a couple seconds remaining in the game, North Carolina drains a miracle shot to tie the game. While most squads would have been deflated by this, Villanova was not. Nova’s head coach, Jay Wright, drew up a play that would forever change college basketball. Dribble. Pass. Shoot. The ball appears to be slowly floating towards the rim like an orange balloon on a calm summer day…then the ball drops. The buzzer sounds. IT’S GOOOOD!! The scoreboard updates, and the Villanova Wildcats become the 2016 college basketball champions of the world!

CELEBRATION TIME! Luckily for sports fanatics around the City of Brotherly Love, Pulse Entertainment, the premier Philadelphia DJ company, was there to take on the job. Our carefully crafted team of entertainment experts and talented staff hosted the celebration for two hours outside at the quad of Villanova University. It was truly an honor to be a part of such an unforgettable moment in history. Students, alumni, and staff danced the night away, smiling from ear to ear.


Here are some reasons why our winning attitude delivers entertainment results across the Greater Philadelphia and Bucks County area:

  • Clutch Performance – Similar to Villanova, Pulse Entertainment overcame adversity to pull off a last-minute victory. One of the unique requests we had was to obtain 18-inch foam LED light sticks which we did not have in stock.  Had it been a Tuesday game, we could have had an abundant supply, but since it was a Monday game, we had to get creative and utilize our resources to obtain as many as possible.We spent all day Monday driving around the city until we ended up with over 300 foam LED glow-sticks!  At the victory party, the kids loved them, and we ran out of them in under ten minutes. A true buzzer beater!

  • Teamwork – From DJs and MCs to dancers and hosts, all of your entertainers will work together to put together a memorable blowout celebration to make every guest feel like a champion. No matter the occasion, Pulse Entertainment’s event planning in Philadelphia, PA, is second to none!
  • Practice – We are the champions of many types of events and specialize in a wide variety of entertainment options. Our team has 23 years of party-rockin’ experience for Bar/Bat-Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, weddings, dances, and galas across Pennsylvania.

In conclusion, winning is great, but winning with style is better. If you want to know what it feels like to throw an event worthy of trophies and gold rings, please visit www.pulseyourparty.com or call 215-354-1060 today!